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Day 156: A Sad Farewell

Summary: 8/28 Crossed (well more like made it to) 1900 miles Gorham Route 2: 1891.5 Random campsite: 1900 Total miles: 8.5 Dean and Tyler headed off to do laundry in the morning. While out, they also ate a combined 8 donuts (Dean ate six cuz he's a machine). Also, Dunkin has pumpkin flavors now so we can pretend we are normal city going folks. Back at the hotel, sugar high and caffeinated, Tyler got stressed about getting back on the trail to make those miles. But, either way, we had to get lunch.

  * Cinese buffet from last night 

Duck Fart's friend from early in the trail, Foghat (does not actually like the band), dropped by to head to lunch with us. He also said he would swing the two of us and Dean back to the trail afterwards. This calmed Tyler a bit. Also, yes, Duck Fart and Patch would not be joining us back on the trail as they are staying in town for a zero. We ate lunch at J' s and then headed for the trail. Then, Dean also dropped the news that he was staying as well. And just like that, we were leaving our wonderful tramily and we didn't have time to even mourn. Our days are numbered! As are our miles.

*Patch, Dean, Duck Fart and Foghat

*Photo courtesy of Foghat. Thank you to this group of incredible people. We love you and can't wait to see you again when we are back in real life. 

We started hiking at 2:30, but had no energy. From the tramily split, the long mile slack packing, malnutrition, general trail malaise, all the things, we couldn't get up to speed. We ran into some flip floppers, Cloudview and Plant and their dog Blue who also had a spurt of low miles. We chatted with them for a bit (and snuggle Blue who was a real attention getter). They also confirmed that there was a sweet stealth spot coming up and we told them about some good viewpoints coming up for hammocking. Our campsite was indeed incredible. It was a stealth spot with space for one, and a cliff overlooking the whites. We had found some pesto gnocchi in our resupply mission and enjoyed (ish?) It for dinnerbut certainly enjoyed the view.

*1900 miles done!

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