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Day 145: Slackbagging

Summary: Aug. 17 West Hartford, VT: 1737.8 Hanover, NH: 1747.7 Total miles: 9.9 After the beige breakfast routine, we called Ted, a local trail angel, who came twenty minutes later to pick us up. We booked the same room again so we could leave the rest of our stuff in it besides the few things we needed: snacks, water, and town shoes. We headed back to West Hartford and flew up Happy Hill. We ran into Extra Mile slack packing back to West Hartford himself. We then met an excited section hiker who told us she learned the phrase slack bagging recently, which we like as a phrase much more than the actual term, slack packing. Extra Mile told us the trail ahead was a cake walk. He was right. After a couple more miles we were walking down paved roads into Norwich and crossed into New Hampshire (officially this time). 

When we hit Hanover, we celebrated in Molly's, near Dartmouth's campus, with a couple drinks and food. Afterwards, we dropped by the outfitters to pick up packages and finally headed back to the Sunset Motor Inn. We had some serious motel time to catch up on. Duck Fart handled laundry (which was free at the inn!). Emily took a nap while Patch, Duck Fart and Tyler sat around in towels drinking beers and watching Pawn Stars.

In the evening, Patch Duck Fart, Anvil, and Avalanche headed to town and the two of us ordered Chinese and continued with relaxing. It was, of course, much needed and great. No other events to report on unless any readers want summaries of various low budget horror movies. 

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