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Day 136: Greylock

Summary: Dalton: 1568.7 Wilbur clearing shelter: 1589.2 Total miles: 20.5 We all took turns grabbing a few things from the lobby breakfast, but it was even more disappointing than usual since even the waffle machine was broken. Instead, we headed across the street for McDonald's breakfast which the two of us have not done in at least ten years. The same cashier from the day before was there and seemed delighted, or at least amused, to see the lot of us after our weird indecisive antics from the day before. Afterwards, we relaxed around the hotel for a bit as we waited on the 10:24 bus back to Dalton. A policeman asked us some questions and told us he was heading to Maine next week if we just wanted a ride instead. Tempting... Back in Dalton, we walked the roads for a mile and a half or so before our first hill. The up was fairly uneventful bit but we did see Disciple, a friendly face we hadn't seen since Erwin, TN, and his new hiking buddy, Curdog. Disciple seemed to be in high spirits, probably due to his recent family visit, and was happy to be hiking again and happy to see us and Dean. Dean and Disciple hiked together for a while several hundred miles ago and the reunion was nice to witness. We pushed on the seven miles to Chesire where we would get a chance for town food once again at a gas station/Dunkin Donuts. We pounded some snacks, caffeinated drinks of all variety, chatted with Disciple again, and hit the road. While we didn't get started super early, and we're taking long breaks, we were still on schedule for getting some serious miles out of town! 

*Dean and Disciple

We were told that our plan to make it over Graylock, the tallest mountain in MA, was ambitious. The climb though wasn't too bad. We ate dinner on the top of the mountian, near the tower and lodge, to avoid any hangry moments during the last few miles. 

*Greylock Lodge

This also meant that we would roll into camp in the dark. It was then that we realized that one of our headlamps was on the fritz, so Tyler did his best to hike between people and avoided any trips. We set up our tent in the dark (setting up our home for the... 110th?... time means that it was pretty easy). Despite the late arrival, we were psyched we made some serious miles on a town day!  

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