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Day 129: The Mayor of Kent

Summary: Mount Algo Shelter: 1467 Silver Hill Campground: 1477.5 Total miles: 10.5 In keeping with our new trend, we did get up and made it into town at 8:15. We headed over to the welcome center where Duck Fart, who had left a bit earlier, let us know that the pay public shower was being fixed by none other than the mayor of Kent himself! Kent is such a cute, manicured town. We did not see a single weed in the cracks of the sidewalk. There was no peeling paint on any building and the library was raffling off a Porsche. Yeah. We headed to the Villager Cafe for breakfast and got the good news that Dean would be joining us after all. He thought that he would just head off but was feeling under the weather after some poor sleep and needed a small resupply. Breakfast was killer. Then it was shower time. Emily hit the shower first and the rest of us, Patch, Dean, Tyler and Duck Fart, headed to the most expensive IGA on the planet to resupply. Three days of food cost us a hundred bucks. Usually a heavy five day resupply costs a max of 80. I guess you have to pay for Kent's cuteness. Afterwards, Tyler threw in a group load of laundry, some excess vinegar, and we all got our showers taken care of. The pay shower had no temperature knobs and was scalding hot. In the hot, now afternoon sun, it wasn't the most pleasant shower but it was something. We finally packed up, it was approaching one, and ran into Grant and his buddies Huggy Bear and Ten at a cafe. Naturally we were ready for lunch and ate some fruit and sandwiches. Grant kept threatening to leave since he had to make it to Vermont (a cool 133 miles away) by Friday night, but he never really did. Lastly we got some ice cream and walked back to the trail after some miscommunication with a shuttle who offered to drive us, but only ended up driving half of the party. 


When we finally started hiking, we couldn't move that fast. Tyler is recovering from a cold, Patch is getting hit hard by the cold, and Dean's headaches and neck pain was not getting better. We still handled the climbs in the hot afternoon well. We stopped at an overlook to catch our breath and an exhausted sobo stopped for a second to let us know that he was attempting the Connecticut challenge, which is to hike all of Connecticut in one day. It was about 4:30 at that point and had completed 38 of the 52 miles. He said he was pretty tired at that point, but 14 miles probably sounded pretty great. Hope he made it (that crazy sicko). We reached the first shelter of the day after 7.5 miles and Dean headed in because he was feeling too wiped from sickness. The rest of us continued on along a beautiful (but buggy) river walk. We made it to Silver Hill Campsite and made camp. It was Duck Fart's last night until Monday since he was headed to a wedding the following day. We made dinner, talked about plans for rejoining with Duck Fart. Despite the low miles, town can really take it out of us and we headed to bed. 

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