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Day 122: The Last Breakfast

We drank another smoothie for breakfast. The big plan for the day was to do laundry, get a few resupply items that would certainly have gone bad after five more days, and check out Cole's new SB Signs shop out in Topsham. After laundry was done, and Tyler returned to wearing normal clothes out of the epic bear pajamas, we headed out to Topsham. Visiting Cole in the shop was great. The store only opened about two and a half months ago, but the front and inside looks excellent. Of course, Cole already has big plans for the showroom and landscaping out front, but those things will come. The downstairs has a well stocked tool shop, but there's also more to come there. He's really excited, and so are we. We got to see some of his current projects too. Oh yeah, he's also landlord for the property next door, since the company owns the SB Signs building and the properties next door. Oh, he's big time.   


*Cole working away

We took Cole out to Wild Oats for lunch for sandwiches then headed back to Cape Elizabeth. We got our resupply done and continued with our last foray into the world of video games before the last stretch in the woods. A few hours away. Cole headed out to surf. We wanted to go watch, but soon after Joe, Jill, and Jameson (our soon to be official nephew!) showed up for family dinner. Joe, Jill, and the two of us went to the beach near the house with the dogs (Lucy and Rollo) and we watched the two of them play for an hour or so before dinner. Our last society dinner was an incredible amount of salmon, salad, and leftovers from our meals the days before.  

*Em, Jill and Joe

*Jill and Joe's dog Rolo

We relaxed... and packed... the rest of the evening. We are going to try to get on the road at 6 tomorrow and make it back to New York by noon so we can get a reasonable amount of miles in. We wish ourselves luck! 

*Photo of Mt. Katahdin on Mary and Bruce's mantel. Here we come!

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