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Day 121: Shoes for Real

More delicious cereal for breakfast. And breakfast smoothies. Breakfast smoothies makes it sound like something with berries. These smoothies were extremely filled with spinach. It's probably the healthiest thing we've consumed since March 25th. We relaxed for most of the morning and finally headed out to finish the shoe saga. Emily had to try out several new pairs with the superfeet and orthotics and ended up moving up to a size 8 Keens which, with the two in soles, were now comfortable, had toe room, and kept her heels in. It was trying, but, we persevered. Of course, Wednesday afternoon will be the true test. If they fail we'll probably wrap her feet in bark. 

We grabbed tacos and burritos from Taco Trio for lunch. The salsa bar had fresh and even spicy salsas. The resident Californian (P.S. that's Emily), approved. We were sent a package with a few goodies for each of us from the National Parks Conservation Association as a thank you for our fundraising! Thank you NPCA! 

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing. We watched the movie Life in the evening, since sci fi horror has a special place in our hearts. Last night of as much sleep as we want! 

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