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Day 120: Sub 1,000

Sunday came and with it family brunch. Mary and Bruce are brunch masters. There was a triathlon that blocked the street until noon, so Jill (Tyler's sister), Joe (Tyler's soon to be brother-in-law), and Cole (brotha) all arrived at about noon, and we ate bacon, a wonderful egg concoction, coffee, juices, fruit salad, pastries, and more. Oh, sweet sweet victory. We had big plans of heading out to Peak's Island and walking around, but we decided it was too late to get a full day of walking So, couch sitting commenced! Cole headed out to a birthday party, the parents, Jill, and Joe went on a vigorous walk along the ocean cliffs, and we worked a bit, watched TVs, and played VIDEO GAMES! 

*Mary and Bruce's dog Lucy

That was the rest of the day. Really. Until we ate some killer ribs and buffalo wings for dinner. That was really it. And a movie. Then bed. Almost sub 1,000 steps. 

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