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Day 119: Cape Elizabeth

The blog posts for the next days will (hopefully) be really short since we are aiming to fill them with as little excitement as possible unless it involves movies, food, family, or shoes. But, for the sake of completion, we have to include them. We woke up and had coffee, cereal, and donuts. Tyler ate nearly an entire box of Cinammon Toast Crunch. The donuts were from the Cookie Jar down the street and had to be worth 800 calories. That's great recovery food, right? And full of nutrition, right? 

We headed out quickly afterwards to try and pick up the boots we found at REI. Sadly, the name we had from REI must have been wrong (or a different year's model) so the boots at EMS in downtown Portland were different and felt horrible. And thus began another two and a half hour shoe try on session. The EMS employees were helpful in grabbing shoe after shoe for us, but couldn't offer all that much help beyond that, since Emily had tried on so many shoes and was versed in lacing tricks and in soles. Still, we did learn a few things. Shoes that fit well on Emily's heel were way too cramped on her toes and shoes that had a spacious toe box slipped on her heel. We found a pair of Keens that might work, but seemed to have no real padding so we were going to try the controversial step of using Dr. Scholl's inserts with Superfeet. We'll try to finish the saga tomorrow. We devoured some Chipotle, headed back to the house, and got our chill on (well paying bills, checking emails, trying to reconnect a bit with a small corner of the world, Tyler even worked on his resume). In the evening we drove the parents down to the Sea Dogs baseball game so they wouldn't have to deal with parking (and boozin'). We made tacos. On a stove. With fresh ingredients. The crushed taco shells weren't even that disappointing. Cole (Tyler's brother) arrived that night (fresh from surfing) with his buddy Kerry and his partner Nina. We sat around for a bit, then headed out for ice cream at Red's. Fully stocking up on calories day one. We ate cookie ice cream sandwiches, slushies, and blizzards (called Nor'easters at Red's). While there, we got the pickup call from the parents, picked 'em up, and headed home for the rest of the night to watch movies and continue to hardly move. After weeks of 50,000 steps a day, the ol' step counter reached a grand total of 1,200 that day. Boo yeah. 

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