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Day 118: Maine Up

Summary: 500 miles? Up to Maine! 

Just for a break Tyler headed down to Enterprise (that is ran) at 9:00. It was sweaty. Back at the motel, we got our stuffed our packs into the Ford Focus. We drove 50 minutes down to REI, stopping briefly at the post office so Leap Frog could send home some gear. At REI, Emily tried on every Oboz and Salomon shoe they had to offer (vehemently denying any Merrell offer, of course). It seems that Emily's foot size has now increased by a size to a size and a half. Hence, the black, blue and purple feet. Sadly, the best shoes, were a half size too small, and they didn't have the bigger size. So we grabbed the info, and after an hour and a half of shoe shopping, we hit the road. We dropped Leap Frog and Extra Frog back at the trail head, and we headed up to Maine this time in a car. The GPS said five and a half hours. We would travel about three hundred miles instead of fifteen. 

*Our rental's plate says hike! Ah!

After some traffic, a lot of road work, and rush hour in MA, we made it to Tyler's parent's house in Maine far ahead of schedule. We ate a homecooked meal (nutrition and everything!), and threw on a movie on the television, like, of our choice! Oh, it felt good. We figured we would take four or five days off to rest Emily's feet, get new shoes, and enjoy the civilization of Portland, Maine. It seemed Tyler's parents thought, at first, it would be a good idea to schedule a hike for bonding while we were at home. But, they realized that was probably not the best idea. We'll figure something out though. 

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