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Day 110: A Room Without a View

Wind Gap, PA: 1278.2 Total miles: 0 At around 2:30am, a strong smell of toast and bacon filled our room. Doors all around us were being slammed hard enough to shake the building's wall. The next morning we asked if we could move rooms. We talked to the owners about the noises. They moved us down the hallway, but the hotel is rented out by a number of construction workers who are working on a project across the street and, for whatever reason, need to be onsite at 3am. We didn't have high hopes for less slamming given we moved about thirty feet, but the desk manager said that there were no other rooms available. Here's to hoping. We headed to the Gap Diner and ate some classic diner breakfasts. The waitresses were great and asked us a lot about the trail (and were very attentive with the coffee). Afterwards, it was errand time. We reapplied together and Emily went back to the hotel with the groceries while Tyler went to do the laundry which was across the street from the diner. After he threw in the wash he walked the mile down to the post office and, at long last, picked up the cookies. They were all packaged so well by Mary from Maine that they were still delicious (and not moldy). 

Back at the laundromat, Tyler got talking with the owner of the place who offered Tyler loaner clothes if he wanted to wash what he was wearing too. The clothes were already clean though. But to have a laundromat owner offer a service like that is really above and beyond. It sounded like he had seen some hikers wrap themselves in some pretty weird things to get everything clean, so he made some steps. What a dude! After laundry, Tyler headed back to the hotel with Arby's, iced coffee, and a Subway sandwich and we did our best to not leave the hotel room (or move at all) for the rest of the day. We did pretty well until dinner time when we couldn't find a place that would deliver pizza. The one place that would deliver was only a quarter mile away so Tyler walked to Sal's to pick it up. As usual, down breakdown lanes and through parking lots since none of the towns have extensive sidewalk systems. So far into the night, the door slamming was pretty minimal, so we might actually get better sleep too. At least our feet feel a lot better after some rest and exchanged foot massages.

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