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Day 106: A Cheeky Lie In

Summary: zero

We were all down at breakfast at 8:30. We still hadn't resupplied, which we figured we would do when we were ready to head back to the trail. We took inventory, still had a lot of snacks, and thought about packing up. Instead, we decided we would take advantage of the noon check out time. At 11:15, when we were all in bed having made littlw motion to do anything, Dean asked if we were going to just zero (perhaps as a joke). In about five minutes, we had all decided that we would indeed zero. All of our feet could definitely use it (and as Tyler later discovered, Grant in fact gives a spectacular foot massage).

Dean went down to the front desk and just like that, we didn't have to move at all. We did only lie comatose for another hour or so before building up the courage to resupply and get coffee and donuts from Dunkin' Donuts with Dean. That's a lot of the letter d.

We also determined that the big plan for the day would be to get a ride into the theater fifteen miles away to see Spider-Man Homecoming. There was a theater close by (it sounded like an old, lovely one screen theater), but it was only playing Despicable Me 3. So, in the end, we opted for the more bourgeois choice of getting a ride fifteen miles to see Spiderman. We relaxed for a few hours, headed down to Paddy T's for some pool, and called an Uber at 5:45 for the 7:00 showing (sometimes, if we can find a Lyft or an Uber, which has been rare until over the Mason Dixon, it will take around twenty or thirty minutes before a driver can get there). We ate snacks and enjoyed the movie probably excessively more than we would have it we were living real life. Everyone was wiped back at the hotel, but, since it would probably be too easy to accidentally zero again, we at least packed up. Maybe we would even be able to get to the trail before two tomorrow. Here's hoping.

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