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Day 92: Birthday Day

Summary: Harper's Ferry ACT: 1023.1 Total miles: Zero We woke up and munched on fruit from the resupply run last night. Having completed all the errands the day before, it meant it was solely Tyler birthday fun time! Which for us and Grant means relaxing as much as possible. Grant kept saying he was going to hit the trail, but we were apparently fun enough that he ended up zeroing! The big surprise of the day, Dean, Magnet and their friend Adan arrived. Adan is another college friend of Dean's who lives in DC. Adan picked them up from mile 1004, Bears Den Hostel so they could come up and celebrate for the day. We caught up for a while and headed for Mexican. We also heard from our friends Johannes and Katie, who said they would come for the day from DC. We haven't seen them since we moved to Germany, so even more excitement! 

We all got Mexican at the same delicious place as the night before, had a few margaritas, learned more about Adan (super wonderful guy for sure, and much more put together than the rest of us), and caught up with Johannes and Katie. For the two of them, it meant talking in particular, about new jobs, and magic card updates. 

*photo credit: Grant 'Smalls' Zulick

We headed back to the hotel. Emily had bought a cake and Johannes and Katie had brought some watermelon, peaches, and pastries. Unfortunately, despite all Tyler's talk of hiker hunger, we only managed to pick at the pastries and fruit for the rest of the afternoon. We instead focused on talk, tv movies, and beers. It was an awesome birthday celebration. Emily promised Tyler she wouldn't do any work as a birthday gift. All attwntion on the birthday boy. The DC guests had to leave before it got too dark, especially because Johannes started hisp new job tomorrow.

Dean, Magnet, Grant, and the two of us decided we could try our luck, or at least investigate, the local casino a mile or so away. Also, a Taco Bell was on the way. We ate, then decided we would rather continue to relax so just headed back to the hotel to enjoy the evening. It was the right decision.  

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