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Day 81:  The Quiet Side of Waynesboro

The day didn't start out super quiet as Leap Frog and Extra Mile got up early to get to the trail. We were up at around 6 and stayed in bed until around 8:30. Then we decided we had enough power to get beige breakfast. At breakfast, we saw Patch who had come in off the trail a bit early since he was having some pain associated with an in grown toenail on his big toe. He had it cut out before, but they must have missed something. He's been hiking with a different crowd, but it sounds like, other than the toe, he's been most excellent. 

* Dean's friend Michael

After breakfast, Extra Mile and Leap Frog headed for the trail and Tyler headed to laundry. During the wash and dry he managed to get the resupply some done as well. Getting good at the while town business, at least when the town is compact and convenient. There was a Dollar General, Family Dollar, Wal-Mart market, Kroger, and a temporarily closed Save-a-Lot all in walking distance from the hotel. When the dryer finished Emily showed up with Dean and Michael who were driving over to the outfitter before the trail. Once again, Michael and Dean helped us out a ton, since the outfitter was a good three miles away. 

*Not so sure if this is quite what dad wanted this year for Father's Day...

The outfitters was great. Rich helped us out a ton and was super kind. Unfortunately, they didn't have any women's shoes below a size seven so we would have to order Emily's shoes online. However, Tyler also brought his Osprey pack by. The outfitters said that Osprey would definitely help out with repairing or replacing the bag since the bags have a lifetime warranty. Emily had told Tyler that he should look into this since the beginning of the hike in March. A number of the clips were busted, the main pouch clips were fraying, the front pockets had ripped open and their zippers hardly shut, and both the waist cushions had been ripped open so just the inner wires were rusting amd showing. But that was it... anyway Rich tried calling Osprey several times but no one was answering so he gave Tyler the number. Later, Tyler got in touch with Chris from Osprey who told him to head back to the Rockfish Gap outfitters on the way back to the trail and grab the pack that Rich had set aside for him (the old pack was also too small probably) and that would be that. Score! 

We grabbed a few other items from the outfitters like new shorts since Tyler had lost enough weight to need them and new bear rope (number six! We have bad luck with bear ropes). Dean and Michael had a bit more time before they had to return the rental car and hit the trail, so we went to lunch at Sam's Hot Dog stand. 

Sam's was a tiny hike hole in the walk that serves hot dogs, chips, and a couple other items. Two hot dogs with whatever toppings you could desire (including spicy chili), a bag of chips, and a soda, was five bucks. We all ate at least two hot dogs, Dean ate four, then we bought six more hot dogs. 

Sadly, Dean and Michael had to hit the road. Hugs all around and we promised we would catch them soon. After they left we stayed in for nearly the rest of the afternoon. Tyler ran to CVS to pick up two pills of doxy for a tick that Emily found in her leg (probably before anything could have been transmitted, but we weren't messing around). Emily had more work to do and tried to use the hotel's but to her frustration, it did not work. She is on the hunt for a computer. 

*Tick pills

*look at that camera phone quality!

Later, we got pizza from Ciro's across the street because it was raining too much to go anywhere. Emily finished up the night catching up on all sorts of blog editing and cut Tyler's hair while Tyler read, worked on nerd puzzles, and watched Ghostbusters 1 and 2. 

*Rainy sideways

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