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Day 75: Oops, We Zeroed Again

We decided we really needed to catch up on sleep, so at 8 Tyler called the front desk and asked if we could stay in the room another night. No problem and another zero began much like any other. We slept in very well. Definitely like riding a bike. 

For breakfast our options were pretty limited, we decided to try Hardees which was a mistake. Our stomachs have been able to digest all sorts of junk with the new hiker hunger, but greasy Hardees breakfast was the limit. Back to a weird smorgasbord from our snack bag for the next day. On the way back to the motel, we resupplied for four at Family Dollar since we thought we would make it to Waynesboro, 66 miles away, in about that time. The dinner options are the most disappointing since we can't eat pasta sides and instant mashed potatoes anymore.  Back at the motel, we did some organizing (which we do over and over again as one must when one moves homes every day). Emily started working and Tyler headed to do laundry and go to the post office, about a four mile round trip. We sent off a bunch of cards and picked up, at long last, the replacement Kindle that Mary and Bruce were kind enough to forward along to Angels Rest Hostel who was kind enough to bounce to Buena Vista. It was a relief that it was there. There were also some bonus treats inside, candies, caramels, and a neat maze math book, that Tyler enjoyed during laundry time. 

Tyler got back around five after picking up some tasty sandwiches and TnTs Good Ta Go which was lunch/dinner. The Hardees indigestion had finally gone away. We relaxed for the evening with random hotel movies and a lot of Forensic Files. It was quite nice to unwind the day away by ourselves.

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