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Day 37: Laundry (!)

The big goal for the day today was to do laundry, and keep doing nothing. We did give Emily's ankle a test and take a walk over to Taco Bell. The same lady who helped Tyler the first night was there again. I'm sure we will be regulars before our stay in Erwin is over. Getting laundry sorted was a bit of an adventure seeing that the machine was occupied every time Tyler checked. So we didn't actually get our clothes finally in to the machine until midnight, but, finally, we had made a necessary accomplishment. We are taking our time this extended zero. And these are probably the least exciting posts ever, but we are going to provide you even with the most mundane details; they are part of a thru hike too, right?

The most exciting bit was getting iced coffees and ice cream from McDonald's after Taco Bell. Erwin's culinary variety is not the most wonderful. 

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