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Day 35: We Put the ER in Erwin

We woke up and packed up. Ryan, the Funkster's younger brother, had arrived at the campsite late last night while Tyler and Emily were long asleep. Everyone made it down the hill from our campsite to the parking lot, some with more ease then others, to Ryan's car. Going more than 2 or 3 miles per hour now is exhilarating but can make you a bit queasy. Anyway, we were headed to Dari Ace diner for a spot of breakfast. Once the four of us had finished our eggs, bacon, biscuits, toast and coffee Ryan attempted to drive Emily and Tyler to the Erwin emergency room to get her ankle checked. 

Everyone was so sweet and took care of Emily. After the doctor inspected the x-rays he said there was no fracture and that it was most likely a strain. His recommendation was to rest. They gave Emily and ice pack and a brace and told her she could go. The only problem was that our hotel was about 2 miles from the hospital. Which would normally be a breeze but not with a hurt ankle. Tyler inquired about taxis services but the nurse said there weren't any in Erwin. So we planned on piggy backing back to the hotel. The nurse would hear none of it. She immediately offered to give us a ride if her boss gave her permission. So from the bottom of our hearts thank you Katie Edwards. 

At the hotel Emily iced her ankle while Tyler ran the usual errands. He brought Taco Bell back to Emily's delight and with that the resting began.

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