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Day 33: Taking Inventory

We were expecting rain today, so we made plans trying to somehow get 14 miles while dodging the afternoon rain. We packed up and it started raining in the morning despite all forecasts. Luckily it didn't last long. We kept a steady pace for 5 miles or so, but the extremely steep downhill at Flint Gap Shelter was all Emily's ankle could take. We decided to stop after 6 miles at the shelter, take a short day the next day, and get Emily to a doctor. We were worried, based on when her ankle hurt, that it was a stress fracture. So, in the interest of avoiding the rain, and avoiding the rain, we decided we would stop in a shelter for the night. Two people were already there for the night, but the shelter sleeps 8, so the three of us moved in awkwardly trying to navigate the niceties of shelter life. Of course, it hardly rained for the rest of the day.

Tyler tried but failed to read because of all the socializing. He is dusting off some of his electonics books. Lawn Chair, a 60 year old, retired lawyer, had an immense number of travel stories about backpacking in southeast Asia, Russia, living in France, and being in love with Paris. Apparently he's been to half the countries in the world at this point. Not too shabby. No Chill also showed up with the immeasurably sweet Leo (a fox hound mix). Emily was in love. No Chill recently switched to Merrills but interestingly showed up wearing cheapo flip flops. Yeah, Merrills have claimed another victim. They destroyed her joints. She was having a low day since she also lost her most favorite and necessary eye patch. She needed a major operation after getting stabbed in the eye. At least it didn't rain on her way to shelter.  The rest of the day went much the same. Middle Brother showed up, to No Chill and Leo's delight. It was a tramliy reunion. He's a big miles guy who recently resupplied solely on 20 mcdoubles. He informed everyone that McDonald's keeps perfectly well on the trail. Those are some serious perservatives. Later, another big miles guy, Frisbee arrived. The two big miles together were pretty hilarious. Funky made a sweet fire which served as the social center for the day.

We turned in to the shelter at around 8, slightly worried about the new fears, close proximity stranger snores and shelter mice. We should be to Erwin's hospital on Saturday because Funky's brother is driving to get us. Hoping for the best!  

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