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Day 20: Goodbye Merrills, Hello Dino Shoes!

As always, getting stuff together was a little crazy. However, we didn't need too much in terms of food due to the lovely Pam Robbins. We grabbed a few things (including a new fuel canister, sadly Wal-Mart only had the giant type). After making a stop to get fancy coffees, we hit the road back to Stecoah Gap. The only silver lining in our farewell to the paramount sweeties, was seeing 3Dubs hanging out at Stecoah Gap. He was heading to Bryson City to resupply after the rainy and snowy nights stuck in North Carolina. The lady who was kind enough to have picked up our phone package from the mistaken maildrops arrived and we had our replacement. Finally, we were again ready for the trail. We were heading for imfamous Jacob's Ladder, a portion of the trail we had heard mentioned frequently since there was a 600 foot elevation gain over .6 miles. We started to pant in anticipation, but before we knew it, it was over. The stairs from day one on the approach trail were still worse (or maybe we are stronger now). We made it to Cable Gap Shelter, but continued on for a half mile or so to stealth camp on a ridge for a quiet night (yes, we are in the woods every night, but the cacophony of snores at shelters is often too disturbing). The biggest excitement of the day, though, is that Emily made it the afternoon nine miles with no braces of any sort. Billy in Gatlinburg have really saved the day? 

Can you find Tyler?

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