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Day 19: Moonshine With the Sunshine

Today was a full day of hanging with these beautiful friends. It was at least as stupendous as we had hoped. Knowing we would see De and Piper essentially got us to this point. It got Em through her blisters, hurt knees, broken toes, and her learning to walk. So we only hope that we have the will power to continue on afterwards. We still had to demand a couple more favors from them for new camp shoes for Em, and a brief Wal-Mart resupply run, but the rest of the day was just having fun. Here's a play by play.

-Brunch at Sawyers family breakfast in Pigeon Forge -go karts, effing go karts -moonshine tasting at two distilleries -chatting and catching up between sets of a live band post distilleries -sauna at the hotel (since the hot tub was overrun by children. When we were young 9:30pm meant bedtime for the kids. Give the adults our hot tub back.) -minigolf A bit more details about these distilleries. The tastings are five dollars but you get a five dollar voucher for any moonshine products. We combined our four vouchers and got a bottle of moonshine for seven dollars. 

Naturally the day went by way too quickly, but it was seriously stupendous. 

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