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Day 10: Breaking State Boundaries

After getting washed out and hearing that the following day was also supposed to be heavy rain, we had a lot to get done. Tyler ran a half mile down the road (quite literally ran) to the Top of Georgia Hostel and an outfitters to pick up poles and snacks. While Em packed up camp.

Tinklebell had been slackpacking (hiking sections of the trail without a pack using a homebase) from there while she treated her disgusting heel blisters and there was a brief and happy reunion. Sweet carbon fiber poles acquired and dehydrated ice cream treats, and we were back on the trail.

We were camped at Dick's Creek Gap (mile 69.3) and wanted to head to at least Bly Gap (mile 78.3). We reached Bly Gap, just over the NC border, missing the border sign the first time. 3Dub, Andrew, and Greg were all there and said it was on a tree about a hundred yards back. We checked it out and sure enough found a theeny wee little worn out wooden sign that just said GA/NC. Rather anti climatic after finishing the suprisingly mountainous Georgia. She had surprised and kicked the asses of so many of us.  

After talking it over with the others at Bly, we decided to push on the terrain afterwards looked pretty brutal, certainly too brutal for the rain, so we pushed to Muskrat Creek. Muskrat Creek was packed with hikers worried about the rain but we saw a lot of familiar faces including Tinklebell, Jason (a guy we met at the MARTA the first day, now called Ghost, and of course, 3Dub. It was pretty late so we didn't have much chance to socialize, but we did get to camp next to a babbling brook! While pumping water, one of our bladders split a seal, and, without even asking, a near by hiker, Tiger Lily, offered up some of her duct tape. What a sweethaht! We should reiterate at this point that the crazy ups and downs and rolling trails of Georgia are made significantly easier and nicer on our joints by poles. We are idiots, plain and simple. Poles are stupendeous and when we get home we will write it 100 times on a chalkboard. Poles are great. Poles are great...

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