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Day 9: Jurassic Washout

Holy smokes.

When we heard there was going to be rain we didn't know it would be the type from the climactic scenes from Jurassic Park. The trail had flash flooding, we felt the thunder in our bones and smelled lightening. Many people bailed out to stay at a hotel or hostel but we ponchoed up and went for it, maybe out of sheer stupidity, maybe because we didn't know we shouldn't. 

After the short day we had yesterday we wanted to push for the North Carolina border. We had miles to make up so we took to the trail and walked. We met a very energetic guy who shouted to us the weather report for the next 3 days as he ran by. Thunderstorms, sun, thunderstorms. At least we would have one day to dry out. You learn to focus on the tiny positves. 

Tyler spent the day teaching Emily how to walk. She hadn't been landing on her heel but rather her toes so most of the impact was going into her knees. What a noobie. Also she might have weak ankles, bad feet or stupid toes. Who knows. The verdict is still out.

Tyler bestowed to his walking sticks their rightful names, Pogo and Young Blood. Pogo because he likes the sound of it and Young Blood because it was freshly fallen.

Because of the storms we went our first day without putting down or packs. Not the greatest idea but it seems like a common thing for thru hikers to do when the ground is gross and muddy or when you have your pack fitting juuuuust right. It had stopped raining for an hour or so before we noticed and finally took off our rain gear. We had developed trust issues with the rain. When we reached the summit of Kelly's Nob we stopped for a snack and to soak in the view. 

We stayed at Dick Creek Gap where we made a rain gear tree. 

Warm breakfast and dinner poptarts! 

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