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Day 8: A Short Day Over Tray

Today we stealth camped near Wolfpen Gap. The hike was only about six miles from Unicoi Gap, and we leapfrogged a whole mess of people on the way up (Rafiki, Dinky, Jams, and more). Right before jumping back on a trail angel even gave us some soda and snacks (which feels a little weird given we were just resuppliednd hadn't hiked at all). Anyway, we kept it short today since, while heading downhill from the Tray Mountain Shelter Emily's knee acted up a bit and, after a good day of rest, we figured a little more wouldn't hurt so we made camp. This would also be the first time we camped completely by ourselves (and didn't hike until dark) so we got to do some actual relaxing. Before making camp, we ran into Funky and Grant so we knew we were pretty close to some friendly faces. The most friendly face, though, was the adorable, nearly blind, baby mouse at our current camp spot.  And of course the Twig that hung out under our rain fly.

Tyler was jealous of Emily's new poles so he used some sticks which were incredible! Poles will definitely be in his future.

For dinner, we made a blend of mashed potatoes and cheesey bacon macaroni, which was delicious. Afterwards, in the quiet of our own site we read until about 9 pm, way passed our bedtime, and awaited tomorrow's rain.

Twig friend

Tyler yoda sticks

Baby Mouse


Sun burn

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