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Day 2: The White Blazes... Finally.

So today was the first actual day of the Appalachian Trail. Disheartening, no! Revelry! 

We met our first trail angel named Mountain Squid who gave us sugar snacks. We ended at Hawk Mountain shelter, 8.1 miles, 9.6 mile day.

During the day we ran into a guy we met on the Alanta marta named Jason and met a lot of other thru hikers or people doing long section hikes. Shoutouts to Will, Grant, Just Gus, Lisa, Funky Stuff, Ray and his dog Coco, Theory, Sarah, Daniel, Tumbleweed, Knotty Kris, Athas... (something something) Cowboy, and some dude who sped by us saying he had lightning in his bones.

Tonight we took little racoon baths after eating horrible pad thai at camp and faroff in the distance there was thunder and militia drill gunfire. Tyler's steps: 27, 768 Emily's steps: 31,086 

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